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 But I'm still learning the language though. 
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Here are a few notes from the second season of Gou Gou Datte Neko De Aru:

Kaibori [掻い掘り]. It basically involves draining out the water in ponds (usually used in farmlands) during agricultural off-seasons, in order to capture fish (especially alien ones), repair and maintain the river banks, to inspect, etc. As one of the administrative tasks of the Inokashira Park's Executive Committee, kaibori is essential in order to maintain the function of Inokashira Pond. It is also to prepare for Inokashira Park's centennial celebration next year, marking 100 years after it was opened to the public in 1917. The public is also invited to help in kaibori volunteer activities. Erratum: I erroneously wrote in the Translator's Notes in Episode 1, that this pond was "man-made". It is actually a natural water source for the Kanda River. And speaking of Kanda River, in Ep. 4, when Omori was walking, he looked at the river, and realized that he has already went past Kojima Asako's house in Musashino, and he has reached Mitaka City where the river is located.
(info: inokashirapark100) (pic: suginami.seikatsusha)
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Gou Gou Datte Neko De Aru 2 (Spring-Summer 2016, WOWOW) returns with a second season, this time with more five tales from the time when Gou Gou the cat was still alive. Popular mangaka Kojima Asako (Miyazawa Rie) draws her monthly manga, while living in her home near Inokashira Park with her two cats, Gou Gou and Bee. She strives to come up with stories and meet the deadlines, while being assisted by Minami (Kuroki Haru). However, Minami, who wants to become a published mangaka herself, feels more and more upset since so far all of her works are rejected. She takes out her frustration on Asako, and decides to quit being her assistant... To replace Minami as chief assistant, Iida Chiri (Maeda Atsuko) offers her services. However, she comes off as highly strung at first, and impassioned about her convictions. Plus, she is afraid of cats... One day, Asako receives a surprising request from a policeman detective Kagawa (Ogata Issey) from Musashino Police Station. He asks to borrow her second floor room in order to use for a stake-out. He says he is hunting for a criminal who is hiding somewhere in the park near her house... Then, Asako reunites by chance with Tomoko (Nishida Naomi), a fellow cat-lover and former college mate, who hails from Hiroshima. Both reminisce about the past... Asako learns of a rumor that her long-time editor, Omori (Nagatsuka Keishi) has gotten married. She feels hurt that Omori would keep such a secret from her. Actually, Omori for some reason cannot bring himself to tell her. The relationship between the two become strained and awkward... And lastly, Asako learns one day that the homeless man (Tanaka Min) who disappeared after giving Gou Gou to her has been spotted near Mt. Fuji. She goes in search of him...
© original text by: earthcolors


"Good Good The Fortune Cat 2"

Subtitles by
Wabi-Sabi Subs

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VampireXxX / illusioned
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Subbing Updates:
(click on "cat" for the subs)
Ep 1: "Longing To Work" - 
Ep 2: "The Room With a Good View" - 
Ep 3: "Girlfriends Forever" - 
Ep 4: "Overcome Marriage Blues!" - 
Final Ep. 5: "The Greatest Adventure Of My Personal History"

D-addicts thread: (link)
Drama Notes: (link)

Season 1: (link)
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Kodoku no Gurume 2016 SP: Manatsu no Tohoku-Miyagi Shucchou-hen (3 Aug. 2016, TV Tokyo) is a 60 minute special with Matsushige Yutaka reprising his role as foodie businessman Inogashira Goro. This time he travels to Tohoku. In Sendai, he met with his friend, Kishimoto who referred to him an autumn sales event project in Onagawa, a port town bent on starting anew after being devastated by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster. Later in the day, Goro ate at a restaurant called "Sui Sui" that sells Sendai's specialty, beef tongue, as well as "tail-yaki", prepared by a grumpy-looking Sui Sui master (Denden). The next day, he traveled via train to Ishinomaki. Upon arriving, he begrudgingly rented a light truck which he used to drive to Onagawa. He arrived at his destination: a new shopping district called "Seapal Pier Onagawa". There, he had a meeting with staff member Makihara (Mukai Osamu) who, along with people from the shopping district, implored him for his help to make the event successful. The relief he felt after the successful meeting for some reason made Goro feel hungry. He drove off in his light truck in search of a diner, and luckily, he found a good one along the way. Its name is "Live Seafood, New Konori". Once inside, he was greeted by the proprietress (Yo Kimiko). Browsing over the menu, Goro had a hard time choosing among the dishes offered: delectable fresh seafood rice bowls, fluffy conger eel tempura, sea urchin and seaweed dishes...
© original text by: earthcolors

Kodoku no Gurume 2016 SP: Manatsu no Tohoku-Miyagi Shucchou-hen
"Midsummer Tohoku-Miyagi Business Trip Edition"

Subtitles by Wabi-Sabi Subs
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These are times to furransu's 480p file and ruell's 720p version found at nyaa.
.Rar file includes EN subs in .srt and .ass formats.
I recommend the .ass subs.

SoftSubs: (here)

D-addicts Thread (link)

Drama Notes: (coming soon)

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It's already June, and I'm only announcing my spring projects now? lol. I'm doing this for my own personal archival purposes even though it's quite late.

Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi.
I'm sure you already know I'm subbing this one. Frankly, I had hesitations when I heard it was a rom-com. If it hadn't been for Ohchan, I wouldn't even try touching it. As much as possible, I stay away from subbing JP rom-coms because they usually have talkative scripts, a lot of pretty random stuff in dialogues, that would leave me scratching my head and go, "Whhhat?". Now, the drama is almost over, and it was what I expected it to be. But I'm learning a lot though, and I'm enjoying the story so far.
Status: Subs being released. Done!

Kono Machi No Inochi Ni.
This was the WOWOW SP I mentioned before.
Status: Subs have been released.

Seirei No Moribito (Season 1)
The reason it took me so long to decide whether to sub this or not is because it was shown as an anime before. So I assumed anime subbers would be interested in taking this project up (because they usually do, right?). But there were none which I find puzzling. Have no regrets though, and it gave me the impetus to read the novel which I enjoyed immensely. The drama is wonderfully done too so I was disappointed to hear that it had low ratings. Anyway, looking forward to Season 2. Ganbatte, Haruka-san, cast, and NHK staff!
Status: Subs have been released.

I cannot promise to take up Season 2 of Gou Gou Datte Neko De Aru (Why do I always choose dramas that end up having multiple seasons?). It depends if there will be CH-JP subs (I hope there will be because I love Season 1). If none, then I'll see what I can do.
Before spring ends, I hope I will get to sub an SP or two.
For the summer, so far there are no dramas that seem interesting. So maybe I'll look back in the past seasons, and sub those interesting ones that are left unsubbed.

Gou Gou Datte Neko De Aru Season 2. 
Yes! I'll be subbing it! But I'll start next week after I'm done with SekaMuzu.
Status: Subs being released.
Edit 1: Slow progress since I have no time these days. Besides there seems to be little interest anyway and not much feedback. When I did have time, I have to use it to make the Kodoku SP recently since that one is always a priority.

Kodoku no Gurume 2016 SP: "Misummer Miyagi-Tohoku Business Trip Edition" 
Status: Subs to be released!

That's all for now~!
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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (Spring 2016, NTV) stars Ohno Satoshi as Samejima Reiji, the president of Samejima Hotels. He is known to his subordinates as an unforgiving boss who fires anyone who commits even the slightest error. To women, he comes off as arrogant and brutally frank. Then, new employee, Shibayama Misaki (Haru) enters his life. Aside from having served at a 5 star hotel in Paris, and being fluent in some languages, there is nothing special about Misaki. However, despite the fact that Misaki said rude remarks to him, and committed a blunder at work, Reiji does not understand why he could not bring himself to fire her. His secretary Muraoki Maiko (Koike Eiko) says he might be in love with her. She advises him that in order to be popular with women, he should be less frank. "Lie to them in order to make them feel at ease." Reiji scoffs at the idea. Meanwhile, Wada Hideo (Kitamura Kazuki), the president of Wada Hotels and his arch rival in business, constantly teases Reiji for being single. In order to silence him, Reiji has two months until the next social event to find a prospective marriage partner to show off in front of Wada. He claims that Misaki is the woman who is "just about right" to fill in that position and is confident to make this happen. However, things are not as easy as he thinks...
© original text by: earthcolors

"The Most Difficult Romance"

Subtitles by WABI-SABI SUBS

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.Rar file includes EN subs in .srt and .ass formats.
I recommend the .ass subs.

Subbing Updates:
*Click "milk" for subs; "mushroom" for episode notes

Ep. 1:
"Celebrity president who scores the lowest in the romance department falls in love at first sight! Proposing marriage with kind lies." (ep1 subs are found below) |   

Ep.  2: "The sourpuss President's first love is a series of challenges, one after another... Aiming to be a tolerant man! Courtship by way of walking the dog" < includes ep 1 and 2 subs! | 

Ep. 3: "The sourpuss President is embarrassed to confess to the newbie... His secret plan to switch on her love is..." -  | 

Ep. 4: "Following his Love Teacher's sure-fire winning instruction, they go on an overnight trip... When finally confessing his love, his mind goes blank" -  | 
Ep. 5: "Finally headed towards coupledom!? Mobilizing love skills, eagerly waiting for her final answer" -  | 

Ep. 6: "First love fulfilled, a couple is born! Tragedy of the Dance Party... Hearts communicating in the middle of the night" -   |  

Ep. 7: "Best kiss during a sleepover date!? A naive man's heart in trouble, a serious catastrophe" -  | 

Ep. 8: "His new love is the serene secretary who's proficient with soles of the feet? No Good Dad teaches him sincerity" | 

Ep. 9:
"Not fully giving up on his love and dreams... Best proposal via chance reunion" -  | 

Final Ep. 10: "Final episode's surprise extension! Are they going to get married? The impatient president's last crisis" -  | 

Complete Subs: (720p) (480p)

D-addicts Thread: (link)


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